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Cleaned up the lappie/laptop and shocked to find all the old jpg images I really don't need. ahhh...a nice and clean desktop. I feel about 3 years lighter. The 'puter is zippy fast now.

I like birdhouses

Brick and Mortar Stores

brick and mortar stores and some online shops that sell handmade items on DIY and consignment for those interested in branching out from elsewhere.

Tuscon, AZ
-Bohemia Emporium

***Albany, CA
-All About Eve, 862 San Pablo (510) 559-9901, out of businiess?

***Berkeley, CA
-Brownies (clothing, accessories, home goods, & paper goods)
-Indie Industries (T-shirts and accessories)
-Relish at home (mostly home and paper goods)
***Sacramento, CA
-Bows & Arrows
***Oakland, CA
-Rock Paper Sissors
***San Jose, CA
-Black & Brown
Riverside, CA
-Robs Vintique
***Sherman Oaks, CA
-Handmade Galleries LA

***Denver, CO


***Atlanta, GA

***Oak Park, IL
***Aurora, IL
***Rockford, IL
-Tango K Indie Artist Boutique-
***Chicago, IL

***Kansas City, KS

***Louisville, KY
-Edenside Gallery
-Queen of Rags (vintage mostly)

***Portland, ME

***Boston, Massachusetts
***South Hadley, MA
-Crazy Moon
***Lowell, MA
***St. Cambridge, MA
-Boutique Fabulous

***Minneapolis, MN
-Cool Planet Goods -

North Carolina
***Asheville, NC
-The Honeypot
-Old Gold Haberdashery
- S.O.S. Sanctuary of stuff
-Screen Door
-Kress mart
-Woolworth Walk
***Walnut Cove, NC
Just Plain Country Antiques & Crafters Mall
***Winston-Salem, NC
- Crickets Nest -
***Randleman, NC
-Sweet Dreams 'n Blessings

New York
***Brooklyn, nyc
-Artez'n, only takes NY locals

***Colombus, OH

***Portland, Oregon
-Belle Sirota (contact etsy user)

***Philedelphia, PA
-Vix Emporium in philadelphia

***Nashville, TN

***Corsicana, TX

***Salt Lake City, UT

***Suffolk, VA
-The Red Thread Studio
-Shooting Star Gallery
***Norfolk, VA
-D"Art Cneter
***Hampton, VA
-Blue Skies Gallery
***Portsmouth, VA
-Vincent Hester Gallery
-Riverview Gallery
***Stuart, VA
Just Plain Country Antiques & Crafters Mall
***Alexandria, VA
-A show of hands (prefers local items)

***Seattle, WA
-Frank and Dunya
-Bitters Co
-Blue Bottle Art
-Galactic Boutique


***South East London
***London, Carnaby Area
-Beyond the Valley,

New Zealand
-Belle Bird
-Blonde Red
-Madame Fancy Pants
-Pink Sky Originalz
-Go Clothing

***Montreal, Quebec, Canada
- General 54 & Local 23
- Lustre
- Lola & Emily
- Headquarters Galerie & Boutique
- Perfide
- Usine 101 (mostly art)
- L'Arterie
- Drawn & Quarterly (zines and art)
- Revolver
-Wooden Apples
***Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
- Cake clothing
- The Urban Boutique
- Girl Candy Shop
- October
- Swank
- Out of the Blue
- Candy & Dolls
-Urban Waves
***Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


-cut+paste (website)
-fredflare (website

San Francisco.
Needles & Pens

City Art (a co-op)

Artist Xchange

Gallery of Jewels

Ruby Gallery

And a ton more, especially in the Mission. I'll add more if I think of them....

birth plan from 2008

My slightly censored and revised and updated birth plan from September 16, 2008

Birth Plan:

Mother’s Name: xx
Father of child’s name: xx phone
Mother of xx:
Healthcare Provider: Dr.

Hydrate by drinking clear fluids and IV. I don't want to be tied to an IV or monitors or the bed. If an IV becomes necessary, they can use a hep-lock so I can get unattached. If an IV is necessary, I would like it capped after medication is administered.

Eat fruit and vegetables if I wish to after surgery.

I want to hold my baby to my skin right away. The baby will be given directly to me after birth, and will breastfeed as soon possible.

Cord: wait until the umbilical cord stops pulsating before it’s clamped and cut. If possible, I would like to cut the cord.

I want to hold the baby right away and have requested delayed stats (weight, etc.) so that I can have time to bond and breastfeed. I am delaying cord cutting and immediate vaccines. Again, unless the baby needs urgent care.

I request that no routine pitocin be given to me after the birth.

The baby will be with at least one parent at all times.

If the baby is a boy, he will not be circumcised.

The baby will not be given a pacifier at any time, but will be brought to me for breastfeeding.

No post-delivery or post-op pitocin (common now to firm up uterus, but same function achieved by breastfeeding).
24 hour rooming-in with my baby.
Delayed vaccines. No Hepatitis B vaccine. Drops in the eyes okay AFTER the baby has had time to attempt breast feeding.
If it’s a boy we will NOT have him circumcised.

Breastfeed as soon as possible.
My baby is breastfed exclusively.
Sugar water may not be offered to my baby.
Do not offer formula, bottle, or a pacifier. 

I would like to thank everyone involved for their support and respect of my desires and preferences during this birth.

Thank you,


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I just got blogged, YAY! Roots in Mill Valley.

roots collaborative: blogging me! Oh this is so nice. I feel better about V-Day. Ta-dah!