Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So I was Googling myself this morning and found some fun things. Yesterday an wonderful old boyfriend contacted me through my website since he found me on Google using my legal name, contacted me on my website, and so then I was sorta curious what was out there.

1) I found one science publication of which featured some of my scientific research I did that I didn't know about:

2) Star Trek: Episode Number 40, Original airdate 12/1/1967
Sent to the planet Capella IV to negotiate a mining treaty with the warlike and tradition-bound people, Kirk and a party beam to the surface. Kirk finds that Klingon agent Kras has also arrived to negotiate a mining treaty with the Klingon Empire. Kirk and Kras negotiate with Teer Akaar, the leader of the tribes of Capella. Akaar favors the Federation while Maab, a highly influential Capellan, favors the Klingons. During a factional fight, Akaar is killed and Maab is installed as the new tribal leader. The landing party is imprisoned with Eleen, the pregnant widow of Akaar, and she prepares to be put to death according to custom.

McCoy previously visited Capella IV and briefs the crew on Capellan customs.
"Red Shirt" Grant pulls his phaser when he sees the Klingon, and is promptly killed by the Capellans. (Apparently, no one thought to inform him of Capellan customs.)
McCoy: "I'm a doctor, not an escalator."
Eleen becomes Regent of Capella until her child, named Leonard James Akaar, can take over as Teer (leader).
The Capellan double-vowels are prounced separately (e.g., Aka-Ar, Elee-En).

More about the planet Capella

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