Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to school, where I am cyber drooling

I am heading back to school for the fall semester at Berkeley City College. I love Berkeley, getting an eyeful of hot punk fashion, and a ton of fixies.

Some websites I want to promote because they get me in the mood:
Fixed Gear Blog--"Fixed Gear, Fixed Wheel, Fixie, Track Bike, Bici da Pista, Rota Fixa, Pisuto, Keirin, Velo de Piste, Pignon Fixé. No matter what you call it, if the drivetrain is fixed & there's only one gear - we love to ride it like we stole it."
Poppytalk -- font fiends unite! Inspiring office pix. They have free fonts! *drool* I am such a sucker for great fonts.
CoilHouse--steampunk glossy lust stuff
How About Orange--Visual treats and hands-on projects dreamed up in an orange office
Design for Mankind--I really, really like this blog. Magazine too!
Design Mom--where design and motherhood intersect
Modish--hip gifts, lots of readers
decor8fresh finds for hip spaces
Design Sponge--very elegant blog, has great look and feel.
Gem Compendium --features gemstones, my favorite is Moldavite

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design for mankind. said...

Ahhh, you are sweet! Thanks for the link, and good luck heading back to school, dear! :)