Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cool baby shoes, and the new addition of the Pocket Monsters

I was knee deep in web surfing in my skivies sipping ginger ale, when FedEx started banging a three alarm fire at my door. After finding my robe and covering my enormous 38 week watermelon, I opened the door. A box, for me?

I opened the box, and I was totally floored. Super cute Etnie baby shoes from my baby shower! Thanks Brandi!

I made a few new pocket monsters. More of these totally off the wall, one of a kind creatures from my imagination to come. These are made from recycled clothing, and I like the idea of having a pocket for special treasures: G.I. Joes, throat lozenges, or money from the tooth fairy. This one is especially soft and fluffy.

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Brian said...

Really, These baby shoes are super cool!!