Monday, August 4, 2008

I have been featured on "Our Great Green Globe"

Our Great Green Globe Link

Our Great Green Globe tries to shine a daily spotlight on a small producer, artist or business that is doing something little to impact the world. While the recognize that it is important for big business to get on board the environmental movement, it's their belief that individuals and small companies can also bring about change. Each individual act may be small but collectively the impact can be huge.

Almost every day, they plan to feature someone that is using recycled or sustainable materials, involved with Fair Trade producers, uses organic ingredients or somehow impacts the world in a positive way.

"when I showed them Fixed Gear Gal’s distinctive handmade creations, they fell in love. They especially liked the Master of Camouflage Monster seen on the left. They liked his crazy body shape and cute little eyes. I loved that he is constructed using recycled materials."

Check out the rest of fixedgeargal's feature article!

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