Monday, August 18, 2008

My team SF Etsy won Blog of the Week

Paper and Stitch has featured my team SF Etsy as the blog of the week. I just joined the group so I think this is auspicious.

I went to the doctor today, and although I am open minded, my cervix is closed at 37.5 weeks. It looks like this baby is not planning on coming out of my oven for another week, unless my water breaks. Only so many more days to go. I was planning on going to do street vending in SF by the Ferry Building tomorrow, but I am zonked, so I will stay home and make fresh monsters.

pregnancy calendar


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link love. your blog is awesome (love the bike cart in one of the other posts you made.

Leah said...

another sfetsier & baby momma here. mine was late, from 37 weeks on, each day seemed like forever - hang in there, and if you need to pass the time, make stuff because it's kinda hard to get anything done the first couple months with a baby.