Friday, August 8, 2008

Punks on Skateboards, not Fixies. It will never happen.

“Punks Should Ride Skateboards Not Bikes” movement has been afoot. While I applaud the sense of design, culture, history and spelling of this poster–the fact is gas prices are at nearly five bucks a gallon –So I am not sure they will win this argument especially when, cough, this bike has a derailleur and brakes. Oh well, I thought it was a good artistic punk poster anyway.

I am riding my fixie again as soon as I am able to. Trying to stay balanced with a hefty squirming watermelon of a near due baby while riding through traffic, is more than I can handle at the moment. I can ride for miles and miles on my fixie, and I don't even have a skateboard anymore.

I love this pic.

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sirj said...

Skateboards and parts are for the most part made in the U.S so the world should skate! Although, it might take some getting used to for all the bike fans out there.