Friday, August 22, 2008

Somebody wants to put my monsters in their store! YAY!

Look at what made the first shipment!

Young Blood Gallery and Boutique in Atlanta, just signed me up as one of their artists for their boutique.

I am very excited, as this will be my first consignment store! They have a blog with some amazing featured artists.

This orange pocket monster I made from some designer pant a neighbor of mine was tossing out. The back is orange fleece, and I love the orange bead that was part of a decorative belt for the pants.

The pocket is part of the mouth, and this one has red fangs made from felt. There is a brass bell inside, so this stuffed girl jingles!

Yay for pocket monsters!!

Here is a scarf monster, one of my favorite things to do is knit scarves for my monsters.

I love knitting scarves for my monsters!!

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