Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby at Day Twelve

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Success! This morning Luca has figured out how to put his right index finger in his mouth all on his own. Now he can soothe himself. He is sucking noisily, staring at the posters of galaxies from my Mom's bed. Occasionally his finger pops out and he cries in frustration, and I help him put it back in. This morning he actually managed to put his right index finger in all by himself! I feel like popping some champagne and celebrating. Peets Xiao's Blend will have to do the trick.

I spent some time checking him out this morning and noticed some new things. When he was born he had lots of hair, hair on his back, his upper thighs, his upper arms, and now I noticed this morning that he has hair on the back of his ears. All this hair is called lanugo and is going to fall out. ("Lanugo is a fine, downy layer of hair that covers your baby's body while he or she is in the womb. It helps to hold the vernix in place to ensure your baby's delicate skin doesn't become chapped by the long immersion in amniotic fluid. It first appears at about five months and for the most part falls off just before birth; however, many babies still have some lanugo at birth.") He has a small wrinkle between his eyes on his nose. His hands and feet are large, and his fingers long. His right big toe looks a bit bigger than his left big toe. His birth mark on his forehead is fading a bit, but is very noticeable when he cries. I try and file his fingernails when he is sleeping so that he doesn't scratch his face so badly.

Saturday, the day after my educational meeting with the 3rd lactation consultant, Luca projectile vomited breast milk everywhere. My Mom was pretty flustered, and I took him from her and I put him on my shoulder, patting him vigorously. I wasn't too worried because he was breathing, he just looked very messy. I checked his mouth and nose, and used the nose bulb to be on the safe side. I think he got jostled a bit and then laid flat on his back and had not been burped enough after having a ton of milk from a good breast feeding. Sunday I had Tabasco hot sauce on some hash browns I made and I think it upset his stomach because he was inconsolable for 3 hours. I had plans to find my camera, upload pictures, and put together the changing table but all of that evaporated into a bag of wet diapers, clothing changes, short walks and lots of patience. He eventually went to sleep in the evening, and I stayed awake looking at him and enjoying watching him be happy.

I am still in pain, exhausted, but increasingly mobile. I have handled shooting pee, blow out diapers, pee leaking out of diaper and through the bed sheets. I have gone through more quarters for laundry than any kid at a video arcade.

I am thrilled with The Bjorn Bouncer, I pull it into the bathroom when I shower so I can hear him and he can listen to the sound of water which may remind him of the uterine noises from not long ago.

When I hear him make his squeaky noises, contented sighs, and I gaze into his dreamy eyes and hold his limp body from his feeding, its all worthwhile.


minnie said...

oo that's a cute bouncer!
hey, i have an extra diaper champ... are you interested? it's been sitting behind my computer chair for like a month now and it has got to go.

oh and congratulations!yay new baby!

fixedgeargal said...

I so love your blog! I have a diaper container already, but thank you!!! xo