Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Favorites #4

I Saw Your Nanny
Lunch in a Box
The Adventures of Superwife
Its a Baby Not Brain Surgery : Labor and Delivery Nurse
Spiral Montessori Mama
Photo Shop Disasters
Cake wrecks : Shiny Poo Souffles, Insulin Pen Shaped Cakes
Fail Blog
Maureen Katsellas : Senior Citizen Feminist
Graphjam : Music & Culture for People Who Love Charts
coochicoos : Designs for Modern Parenting *
PhD in Parenting
Daddy Dialectic
Mom-101 : I Don't Know What I am Doing Either
Operation NICE
Stuff White People Like

Mother Talkers : Rants and Raves on Modern Motherhood
The Art of Darkness : Opinion from New York Times
Cute Overload : Regularly updated with photographs of cute things, particularly animals.

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