Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Luca Gianbattista Mariano Thompson: Day One

Hi everyone!

I survived, and he is asleep on my shoulder now. Typing with one hand,
got home from hospital yesterday, still in a lot of pain, but moving
and motivated! Luca Gianbattista Mariano Thompson was born September
17th, at 7:54 AM, 8 lbs 13 oz., 20 inches long, 14" head, chest 14.5",
blood type B negative, Apgar 9/9 for 1 and 5 min (AWESOME!!) Note: his
chest is bigger than his head! There were no abnormalities that would
have hinted at why my 3 inductions didn't work (such as wrapped cord,
etc.,) the spinal block, surgery, and post op procedures were very
scary, and I was an emotional wreck. The nurses were wonderful, and
with the hospital lactation specialist, I was given a lot of help in
making sure Luca can breastfeed successfully. My milk came in day 3
yesterday, and last night I had so much it was running down my legs
and made huge wet spot on the bed. I think I have plenty!

These are day one birth day pics, I promise more pics later. I really wanted everyone to see how absolutely amazing he was when he was fresh out of the womb.

He changes by the hour, his complexion is no longer translucent, and
he has so many expressions now. He can lift his head on his own and
rotate his head from one side to the other when his belly is on my
shoulder. He loves to stretch with his hands over his head when I
unwrap him.

I am off now to try and nap while he is napping! His first
pediatrician appt. is tommorow, Monday, and our close family friend of
my Mom's who is an ER doctor and alternative medicine practitioner, is
coming to visit and stay with us for a week and will show me how to do
baby massage, cranial adjustments, (Luca doesn't really need these
because he was born by C-section), train me in infant CPR, and all
sorts of nifty things.

Thank you for the phone calls, texts, stunning flowers, and gifts. I
feel so loved and supported!

xo Love,
Capella and Luca

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