Saturday, September 27, 2008

Week One of Being a Mama

I survived week one of being a new Mom.

The cesarean was much harder than I thought it would be. Not only did I totally lose my cool when they did the spinal, I didn't realize that they strap you down for the cesarean. The pressure of them removing the placenta was really traumatic, and my heart felt funny, and I had a feeling like a hand was pushing down on my throat choking me. I had no idea it was going to be so difficult and traumatic. I got to see him get checked on the table nearby, and very soon after I had him in my arms and nursed him with the help of the baby nurse. I was completely overwhelmed with joy.

The next 3 days in the hospital was round the clock feeding, and I didn't feel tired till I got home. I was so happy to have the little guy in my arms, and the magic of what had happened to me was intoxicating.

The first week home I went through the pain meds pretty fast and was soon in agonizing pain. A week of a serious sleep deficit caught up with me. I pushed myself too hard. I dragged myself to school, was in serious pain, unable to concentrate and had breast milk blotches on my shirt. Due to a week of induction of labor, and a week of the surgery, I am two weeks behind in my coursework. My incision got infected, and I couldn't find anything to wear that didn't hurt. Breast feeding was exhausting: an hour up to 10-12 times a day, little sleep. I saw 3 lactation consultants in a week and was able to finally get good latch from coaching with the third lactation consultant. Basic tenets: nose to nipple, tummy to tummy, level with breast, get the nipple in mouth when it is wide open.

Now the pain is getting slightly better, and I happy he is getting fed well. I am walking more than a block, and I can lift him without thinking I am going to drop him from stabbing pain, but lifting him is difficult. I just got a diaper changing table, that should make my life easier.

I cannot imagine life without him. I am so in love.

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Sara said...

OMG, he's beautiful, you're beautiful, and we can't wait to get up there!!! Let me know if you need anything (I know I'm far away...). We're so excited!!!! TONS of love-

Sara (and Nate)