Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby at 1 month: Too Cool for School and Pumpkins

His birthday plans have been put off till I feel better: I want to take him bowling and celebrate with a chocolate malt with nutmeg on top.

Luca and I spent a whole day together solo at school from 9am till 10pm. I took a break from studying at the Berkeley Library to take a few pics in honor of his one month birthday. I was really tired and in pain afterwards, and that evening I discovered my incision had split open again and was bleeding again. It never really stopped bleeding or oozing even after the infection cleared, but this time it looked like it split open, like an over ripe tomato. I really should not have been carrying so many school books with Luca. I had one Percocet left from the hospital, and I took it and sent my Mom to get more Ibuprofen. I was exhausted and could not move, today I stayed on the couch and did marathon breast feeding. I am recovering from a long night since I had his Hepatitis B vaccine taken at the pediatrician yesterday, and it made his more cranky than usual. The pediatrician is thrilled: Luca is at the top 97th percentile for height and 91st percentile for weight!

This is my breastfeeding nook where I drink my tea in the mornings and marvel at how much he grows every day. Thank you Elinor and John for the My Breast Friend Pillow!

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