Saturday, October 11, 2008

Baby at Day Twenty-Six

Luca really loves bath time, and my Mom really likes to be the one to give him a bath, so I try and let her do that one in the evenings before I read him a story and try to get him to settle down for sleep around 8pm. He has a small dent in his chin so I think he will have his father's chin. His eyes are turning brown around the pupil, the rest is blue.

Right now he only wakes up 3-4 times a night which is a great improvement. He eats every 1-3 hours for 30-40 min, and he looks so healthy. He is accumulating baby fat, and has big cheeks. He started making baby talk noises, tracks movement with his eyes, and smiles on cue occasionally. His legs are very strong, and when I hold him I have to be careful he doesn't kick my incision site. I am getting some energy back, walking every day, taking ibuprofen in the evenings for the pain.

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