Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Milestone Chart 1 to 6 months

Milestone Chart 1 to 6 months

Luca started to do mini push-ups today while I was playing with him on his tummy and he was wiggling crawling forward. I had to see when that happens. He is way ahead of the game! Also at 5 weeks he is:

Lifting head when lying on tummy
Responds to sound
Stares at faces
• Follows objects briefly with eyes
• Vocalizes: oohs and aahs
• Can see black-and-white patterns
Smiles, laughs
• Holds head at 45-degree angle
he is also doing typical 2 month old stuff:
• Vocalizes: gurgles and coos
• Follows objects across field of vision
• Notices his hands
Holds head up for short periods
Smiles, laughs
• Holds head at 45-degree angle
• Makes smoother movements
and he is doing advanced 2 month old stuff
Holds head steady
• Can bear weight on legs
• Lifts head and shoulders when lying on tummy (mini-pushup)
and he is doing some 3 month stuff
Recognizes your face and scent
• Visually tracks moving objects (Was doing this at 2 weeks)

Maybe I can start teaching him Algebra soon. Seriously though, all this interactive play and story time is paying off!

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