Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tale of Two Bjorns

I have code words that me and my Mom use to describe things.
Shzaam = poo
Burkle = burping

Nicknames: Poo-ka-lee-toe

Poo-ka-boodle = Peek a Boo

I hate the Pampers Swaddlers. They are the worst: they smell like petroleum products, they are not fitted, and don't hold much pee or survive his "shzaams." The pack I got is relegated to day time duty only until it runs out.

I really like the Huggies Snug and Dry. They are the best performing disposable diaper I have found so far. I am looking forward to using cloth diapers now that he is big enough, but until I buy them and they come in the mail, its the disposables for now.

My mother was walking home from BART station using the Baby Bjorn front carrier
yesterday when he had a bad blow out with the unreliable Pampers. I thought it would be safe, since it was day. Not! I am glad she wasn't far from home.

This is a pic of the Castro Valley BART Station. There is a proposal for parking fees to go up one dollar for April. (Grumble...)

One load of laundry and a bath later, he was fine, although my mom looked a bit rattled and went to bed early. Later that night, I had him in the Bjorn Babysitter Balance, while I was pumping the rest of my milk after breast feeding him. He made a face like "I am so sorry."

I knew it had to be "shzaam" and when I pulled him out of the balance and put him on the Ikea Sniglar diaper changing table,

I saw the stains on his onsie. I pulled his clothes off, cleaned him up, rinsed the onsie, gave him bath number two, and rinsed the rocker cover and put it in a plastic bag for laundry when the laundry room opened up later on. Then because I hadn't "burkled" him enough, he had a big spit up. I cleaned that up, cleaned the sink, the diaper changing table, changed his diaper again (pee this time) then dealt with him screaming from gas from 3 AM till 4 AM.

I tried all the primo "burkle" positions and after an hour he passed out on top of me while I was laying on the couch. I was exhausted, but glad I had the Huggies Snug and Dry on or it could have been much worse!

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Amy T. said...

Ugh, diaper trials!!! I had luck with Pampers, somewhat, but I call Huggies Suckies. I'm all about Luvs myself...Funny how they work differently for each baby! ha ha!
BTW, I am bday_baby1 on CL, howdy!