Friday, November 28, 2008

day after thanksgiving: my niece Dainelle, my brother Tim and my mother

My niece Dainelle Porter wth Luca. Luca is wearing the Jerry PORTER jersey for the Raiders. Dainelle's father, my brother Tim, hates the Raiders, he likes the 49ers, and of course me having been raised in Oakland I love the Raiders, so this was a family joke. Dainelle is wearing a Porter University hoodie which doesn't exist. You just stick a name on the university hoodie.

This was a bush I saw on my walk with Luca in El Cerrito, which is where we had the family gathering.

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I love the recycling plant, it is really fun because they have a free book box where I got a spanish-english dictionary, a text on calculus, biology and some baby books, especially the beloved and well read Dr. Sears Book.

It was cold, but Luca as usual, loved his stroller walk.

This is my Mom and brother Tim pushing Luca.

This is my brother Tim and Luca. I am so happy Luca has three amazing uncles to grow up with.

Check out the binky chain I made from recycled wooden spools, African blue beads, bone beads, leather cord, and an art piece fashioned from wire into a bug clip that I gave my mother years ago. The pacifier is molded in one piece and is made by Eco Baby . This pacifier is the best one that I could find on the market, pure natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensi.

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