Sunday, November 30, 2008

SF Bazaar Bizarre : cream of the crop craft fair

SF Bazaar Bizaare: This was the big craft fair that I was unable to get into.... SF Team Etsy is a group that I belong to, we are all crafters on Etsy and the ones of us that didn't get in were allowed to get a table and share. I ended up sharing two tables with three people for like three hours, and I was buried by this other crafter named Krista Fatka who sold hats. This is her above in the blue hair and fedora. I was given the worst spot, and I got the uncanny feeling from the frosty attitude of others at the table that I wasn't cool enough. I thought that stuff was over from high school! Oh well, I breast fed Luca and tried to be upbeat about the dire situation. There was a nice botanical garden I took Luca to, but he seemed worn out from the stimuli so I headed back home right after the show, giving up my amazing parking spot right at Lincoln and 9th by Golden Gate Park, which was really amazing luck.

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Nobody could get to my product
and I didn't sell anything. I ended up only making a trade with this crazy old hippie dude who wanted to trade a stapled zerox self published diatribe that he said was poety and what not. I asked him to compose a poem for Luca on the spot, and put it on the cover.

The event was way too crowded and they should have had it at a bigger place. I hate doing events like these and getting into the negative: booth fee, bridge toll, gas, coffee, waste of morning...grrr. A whole bad flashback to the event in LA a couple of weeks ago: Tha Hotness Holiday Bazaar, except for that event, it was sloooow.

I couldn't even pass cards or stickers out to people at SF Baz. Biz., it was a big mess, so crowded. I learned my lesson: don't share a spot with more than one other vendor, and set up for the WHOLE time.
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