Sunday, November 2, 2008

What no nursing dresses?

Its amazing to me that the species keeps procreating but there is a dearth of nursing DRESSES.

I am going to make myself a nursing dress, I bought a pattern, will get some cool fabric, and will whip it out. The photo looks gross, but I like the idea of the cutouts for nursing. (Yes, but I am so tired and have no time...) I have one nursing bra that I wash over and over, and two nursing t-shirts. This must change.

I plan on breast feeding for awhile, and little Luca hangs on like his life depends on it, especially when he gets jostled on BART. When he gets hungry I try and feed him as fast as I can. I am getting much better at figuring out what he needs and when before he even has a chance to cry.

Nursing shawls and covers: I just don't like putting a cloth over his head. I need to see his face, and often he chokes because the milk comes out so fast and I have to burp him so dealing with a cover would drive me nuts.

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