Monday, December 15, 2008

Finals Week and Fire Dancing at The Crucible

I didn't get home for awhile due to long exams, and I was able to pump a whopping 13 oz. of breast milk. I think that is the record.

I love fire dancing. I really want to go to Burning Man next year! Here are the fire dancers from the weekend at The Crucible!

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HumbleUker said...

hello capella:

i am another blogger and was wandering around the internet. Your fixed gear name intrigued me. i have always had a wandering, exploring spirit of a biker, peddling variety. your art, interests and craziness are what spice up the world - yeah! i like the photo of luca's ear. my kids are all grown. my wife, wendy, is also a crafter, ceramics. we were at the cv blvd show the last few years. i have a blog on all things of the ukulele variety. go to clubs in berk and santa cruz where the fun is. you mentioned backroads, i like the route between 580 and niles, palomares canyon, real peaceful when traffic gets heavy. i keep eyeing those fixed gears. jeff