Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Castro Valley is a Strange Place

The weird thing about Castro Valley is that it does grow on you. There are crystal meth trailer park characters and the Ugg ugly teens wearing black hoodies and thinking they are goth. The predominant species here are minivans and oversized polished pick ups. There is not much to do here at night other than go bowling or shop at Trader Joes or Safeway. I see tons of nice houses on the hills, and the main drag here, Castro Valley Blvd., sports more nail salons than you can shake a stick at. 10 according to Google. One nail salon opened 2 blocks from where i live, within a block of two others. Even the Octomom i noticed has nice nails even though she is on welfare like myself. Weird. Like I really want to stab my child when I pick them up or store a collection of baby poop under my nails...ummm....no thanks.

The schools are good here and crime is low. I keep telling myself this.

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