Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wild snaps and the Call of the Wild

Wild snaps are when the baby onesie snaps don't all match up and you have one wild snap. Exhaustion levels dictate whether undoing snaps and resnapping is really worth it or just tossing a blanket over the eyesore and retreating to the couch.

The thing that should be on children's labels is snapabilty. Carters have the worst snaps. They are hard on the fingers, and the metal O rings pop off leaving you totally snapless with ass in the wind. I think they had a recall on some due to their choking hazard.

My homebrewed coffee (review of Costa Rica) hasn't kicked in yet. My shoes are still wet from the hailstorm we got stuck in yesterday morning while reducing our carbon footprint to the Post Office by stroller power.

Yesterday was a flashback to old newborn days. I had removed the BG cloth diaper chock full of fresh poo, was rinsing it off in the toliet, came back to an *overly angelic smiling baby* and put him on a new nice Muttaqin wool diaper (I could only afford a used one, and only one) and as I didn't hear anything unusual, I turned my back for a second again, and started to snap the diaper when I noticed it was wet. I lifted his butt and saw a staggering amount of a poo bomb all over the butt of the diaper, all over the fleece diaper changing table cover, all over the onsie with the pain in the ass snaps, and all over his chubby thighs. I didn't know where to start. Then he starts to crow, to call out, it was the Call of the Wild, hooting and hollering, my dear son was claiming victory. Mom 0 : Luca 1.

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