Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kangaroo Bike not in USA, but online, check out the Bakfiets!

The search for the best way to transport Snugbug continues. After reading Momentum's article on Child Bicycle Trailers from Richard Masoner (his blog and twitter) in the May/June 09 #39 issue I have decided against a towed trailer from behind. I really need to sell my hybrid old Univega fixie and get a better bike to handle safe transport of my small child. One alternative is to get a Kangaroo Child Seat, I like the design of this better than others that have the child seat behind the adult seat. I am really drooling now over the Kangaroo Bike but its in Europe, not here. Sigh.

Apartment Therapy on Kangaroo bikes. But wait, OMG of course Portland's Clevercycles offers Kangaroos!!! Also check out their sweet ** Bakfiets ** with two wheels. Oh man. "Haul up to three kids, a week's worth of groceries, your grandma, a Great Dane, a keg of beer... you get the idea." Shipping is 250. this is just stupid. Grrrr....Workman bikes? Hmmm..Made in the USA, gotta love that but they sure are ugly, and I am not into doing the pedicab thing.
Bakfiets lover in SF
Bike Portland

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