Monday, May 25, 2009

The 40th Ruby Anniversary of the Kinetic Grand Championships 2009!

KGC 09: Kinetic Grand Championships 2009

Growing up I would be often told of "The Land" a place cloaked in mystery and fantasy, a place like Narnia, where I was free, happy, and able to roam, a place of 80 acres owned by my Godfather hidden in the depths of Humbolt County. As chance would have it, we secured an invite, and we whisked ourselves to this sacred place and then embarked on a trek to the great sculpture races from Arcata to Ferndale, Ca. Snugbug was thrilled with the kinetic sculptures and we spend all of the daylight hours waving flags and rattles screaming "For the Glory!!"

Kinetic Madness! Start your dragons....

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