Sunday, July 19, 2009

Renegade SF Day One

Renegade SF was packed on the first day. Lots of people, and a ton of people stopped at my booth. Sales were slow. The economy has tightened what people consider a safe parameter of extra expenditures. The suprising thing that sold like HOTCAKES were my zines!! Perhaps this is a sign that I should get back to writing. I have been so exhausted, and I put a ton of work into the show, and busted my ass making monsters in the nonexistent free time I had. The only parking I could find was half an hour walk away. Little guy had vomiting in bed last night and this morning. I am having a few sips of coffee, washing my face and back at it again. I feel slightly numb.

A couple of people that I thought were really interesting was Handmade Store on a Bike lady who has her whole display on a bike and trailer. Really awesome. Because she was vegan and looked starved from being on a bus for 2 days, I gave her half of my veggie platter. She was very grateful. I may have her design me a custom piece. She does a lot of charity work, and I think its admirable. I will post pics later today of her display. I got a bike trailer from the thrift store for 25 and I am waiting on the coupler 10 and wheels to come in, 35 each. A piece on her.

Find more videos like this on The L.A. Show

owly shadow puppets...I had to buy the whole kit. I am so in awe. I have never wanted to rip off another artist so bad. I think I will, I already make small hand puppets, but I don't do shadow puppets, I will do my own thing, a bit weirder. Andrea uses a laser cutter, that is how she gets the tight parts cut. She also teaches workshops on shadow puppetry and lives in Chicago.

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