Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bobux makes the best baby slippers

Little Man loves his
Bobux slippers. He talks to his friends, and moves his foot, and actually tried to put them on this morning. 

They have fish on them, and the mouth actually opens. (product description: Fishy Aqua/Lime/Orange/Pearl Wht) So cool in green and orange on turquoise blue soft leather. 29 with shipping and handling. They have a photo contest.

"We are looking for creative, high quality photos for our photo gallery on our website.

If you would like to submit a photo of your baby wearing their Bobux shoes, please send it as a JPEG attachment in an email to and include the following information.

     Your Name:
     Your Email address
     Your Baby's Name:
     Your Baby's Age
     Comments about Bobux:

We will select a winning photo every month and post it on this page of our website.  The winner will be eligible to receive one free pair of Bobux Shoes of their choice (not including Fur Boots or I-Walk shoes)."

Gotta love New Zealand. 

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