Sunday, July 19, 2009

SF Renegade Day Two

knee deep with shoppers who had empty wallets

my cardboard jazz paintings

my cardboard jazz paintings

my cardboard lovers

Just got home recovering from a whirlwind of more hipsters than I could shake a BOOM BOOM at. A wee bit of worm water imported from south of the border with lime and salt made the transition easier.

Little Man loved all the hot chicks with big boobs, glasses and tattoos. There was a cupcake booth. 1 buck cupcakes. They made 500 cupcakes for a buck each. They sold out and split. You get the picture. People need cupcakes. They need them more than plush monsters. Economy dictates this. I get it, its all about the sugar baby.

I got Little Man some adorable things that I will post soon. A fab FAnTabUlously-PHAT-ASTIC hat and shirt from my awesome booth mate Mandy from small threads. Sometimes when you meet someone you are on the fence about them. Then you meet their hella cool brother, their uptight former hippie Mom, their biochemically diverse functional dysfunctional family, and suddenly you realize what an awesome person they are. Especially when your little monkey is teething and lit a fart bomb and they don't even wince. Really.

Hydra Designs, my other booth mate, who also had big boobs and tattoos as Little Man noticed, makes these really unique jewelry pieces and has a flair for merchandising her work. Check out the pottery pieces she uses for backdrops for her jewelry. I don't care for bling but if I did, I would scarf these up pronto.


smith scratch said...

Hey Capella, It was great chillin' with you too. Thanks for teaching me more about re-usable diapers and Zines! I can't wait to see the photos of your little guy in the hat! I will have to send you the photos from the fair. Talk to you soon.

fixedgeargal said...

aw sweet! I wanna see pix! Zines are awesome. Don't forget about SFZineFest!