Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Breast Milk for Sale

I have decided to sell my breast milk. Money is tight.

Cost savings of breastmilk "... saving in healthcare costs for [the] baby. Studies show breastfed babies get sick less often, need fewer doctor visits, and are hospitalized less often than formula-fed babies. For working [moms] that means an added savings of less time lost on the job."
Cost of Formula and Bottles Month Cumulative Nursing Savings

1 $102

2 $196

3 $320

4 $443

5 $567

6 $691

7 $815

8 $938

9 $1,062

10 $1,186

11 $1,309

12 $1,433

Milk banks charge a fee to help offset the cost of processing donor breastmilk (the fee only covers about 60% of the cost). The Mothers' Milk Bank of Denver, Colorado charges $2.25/ounce plus $0.25/ounce if shipped. Other milk banks may charge somewhat different fees.

Not only for babies!
While certainly the vast majority of breastmilk is used to benefit babies and young children, donated breastmilk is presently being used to lessen infections among adults who have undergone liver transplants, with very good results. Other important medical uses for this magical substance are being investigated.

This breastfeeding website was very insightful.

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