Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fantastic book on making unique journals

Making and Keeping Creative Journals by Tourtillott was discovered while pushing my kid in his stroller through the ample stacks of the newly minted Castro Valley library. I could not put it down. I had dreams about it. I knew my life would be complete if I could just find the time to read it. That book was me, and I was the book. You get the picture. Review here. " the projects involve more complex signatures and embellishments than many books about handmade journals..."


Amazon (used from 4 bucks at moment!) customer review here.

Sunnye quotes "This is mainly about crafting journals -- that is, putting together paper and covers, stitching and gluing and the craftsy part of creating a physical book. It does give lip service to information on why keep a journal and the different kinds of journals people keep: external or internal journey, healing and insight, confessional, chronicle for future generations, catalyst for creative expression. Techniques like freewriting and list making are mentioned along with narrative description, dreams, and poetry but the emphasis here is on putting together pages and covers; how to make booklets from different kinds of papers, etc."

Journals, thoughts, dreams, inspirations and memories in bound format. Lovely....
I just requested it through SFPL. Mitts off!

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