Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thoughts on Castro Valley

I have grown to like CV, been here 2 yrs, my Mom 4. If it
wasn't for the glorious Lake Chabot Park I would wither. I live a few
blocks from BART. There is an amazing new library a block from BART.
They have a Farmer's Mkt that is in the BART station lot that starts up
May 16th through October. They have great schools. Its white, and bit
glit glam, nails and hair done and dudes on overpriced Harley's that
like wheelchairs. People are afraid of Hayward. I like the culture there. Eden Bicycles is a gem, so is Thai place Lime Leaf and Chipotle. Its very hot, not enough trees, windy in winter. People are dumb here, but tolerant, it is East watering hole is Peet's. I shop at Trader Joes.

There are a couple of things I would like to add some thoughts to: it seems that crime rate is low. There is a lot of police patrol or sheriffs, even though we are not an incorporated city. There are a lot of beautiful homes close to Lake Chabot and in the hills. Neighbors are really great, and generally are helpful and have lived there a long time. Check out the Lake Chabot park trails, take a bike ride through it, its 9 miles to hike around the lake, it is stunning. And when you consider the heat, at least it is not as hot as Livermore and/or Dublin/Pleasanton. There are actual cowboys around, people have horses here and ride them. There is an annual rodeo/BBQ, and a big street fair. People are aware of bicycles here, traffic could be worse, but the drivers are decent and let you turn into lots off the blvd.

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