Monday, April 19, 2010

Breastfeeding and black mothers

Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association
To improve the health of the African American community by increasing the number of mothers who breastfeed and the length of time spent doing so. Also on Facebook.

Black Breastfeeding
The Black Breastfeeding Blog was created by Jennifer James as a way to reach black mothers who are currently breastfeeding or who want to breastfeed in the future. As a former breastfeeding mother of two daughters (who she breastfed for two years each), Jennifer believes in the powerful healing properties of breast milk and believes all black moms should at least start the nursing process to increase the health of their babies.
“The woman behind the Black Breastfeeding Blog is none other than Jennifer James, web magazine diva, homeschooling advocate and experienced writer. She is the heart and soul behind Mommy Too Magazine and the National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance among other things. The Black Breastfeeding Blog is in a network of blogs dedicated to the Black American parenting experience from conception to securing money for your child's education.”

Teaching Black Women To Embrace Breast-Feeding
NPR segment printed for FRC use

Blacktating: Breastfeeding News and Views from a Mom of Color

All things related to breastfeeding and the African-American woman. General breastfeeding information, issues specific to African-Americans (and biracial and other minorities), support, research and encouragement.

Black Maternal Health: NYC Targets Black Women for Breastfeeding

A link between maternal mortality and breastfeeding may seem dubious, but it is not.

"Fifty percent of women who died in pregnancy had chronic problems, cardiac disease and hypertension," said Deborah Kaplan, New York City's assistant commissioner of the Bureau of Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health. "Breastfeeding can reduce the risks of some of these conditions later in life. The risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease is higher among women who use bottle formula."
posted March 31, 2010

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